Episode 681

This Financial Advisor Abandoned Wall Street To Become Wealthy (How He Did It)

In this BetterWealth Podcast, I speak with Russ Morgan from Wealth Without Wall Street about why he left the rat race to find alternative ways to save money and build wealth. We discuss the foundational principles of infinite banking, whole life insurance, and discovering your investor DNA.

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0:00 - Intro

3:00 - Why Russ Started Wealth Without Wallstreet

7:09 - Defining Infinite Banking with Whole Life Insurance

11:01 - Why Not Use a High-Yield-Savings Account for Infinite Banking?

17:41 - The Mistakes People Make with Infinite Banking & Life Insurance

21:44 - The Importance of Savings (Caleb Draws his Key Framework)

25:37 - Alternative Assets and Knowing Your Investor DNA

41:38 - When Debt is Smart & When it's Stupid

50:39 - Eliminating Taxes


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