Episode 594

These Rare Earth Metals Are Outperforming Gold And Silver | Louis O Connor

Today I'm talking with Louis O' Connor the CEO/Founder of Strategic Metals Invest. We'll be looking at investing in rare earth metals, an alternative investment few people know about, that is generating massive returns, even greater than gold and silver! Rare earth metals are widely used and needed to make electric cars, phones, space exploration technology, and much more!

Guest Bio

Louis O’ Connor , CEO/Founder of Strategic Metals Invest. We offer private investors the opportunity to purchase and profit from owning Strategic Metals. The term Strategic Metals is an umbrella name for technology metals, rare earth metals, green metals and rare earth elements. We are the only industry broker on the planet to offer this option to private investors. Up until very recently the trade was between producers/suppliers, brokers and industry buyers. The investment play is exactly the same paradigm as owning Gold or Silver, instead investors own Strategic Metals which have outperformed Precious Metals, FTSE100 and S&P500 for the past 5 years. The only end buyer for these valuable raw materials are industry buyers therefore we also provide the all important exit for investors. Strategic Metals are extremely liquid as hard assets and can be liquidated in 3 to 4 working days.

Guest Link

Connect with Louis and Learn more about Strategic Metals - www.strategicmetalsinvest.com

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