Episode 196

How To Develop Freakish Money Skills with Dan Sheeks

Personal finance isn’t something most people learn in school. Unless you happen to be one of Dan Sheeks’ students!

In today's BetterWealth Podcast, Caleb talks with Dan Sheeks. 

Dan is a contributing blog writer for Bigger Pockets and has written several articles for the Bigger Pockets blog regarding a variety of subjects for young investors.

In late 2019 Dan launched the SheeksFreaks community with a simple blog website and an Instagram page. The mission was simple: to provide young people with free money advice so they could live their best lives. The SheeksFreaks movement is dedicated to helping young people learn money management skills to achieve early financial independence. The focus is on helping youth use specific methods of saving, earning extra income, and investing.

Four passions motivate Dan in these endeavors. They are: working with young people, advocating for personal finance education, the early financial independence movement, and real estate investing.


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