Episode 496

The Advantages and Disadvantages of IUL and Whole Life

In this episode of the BetterWealth Podcast I talk with James Barber who runs the Youtube channel, Oregon Cash Flow Pro. We discuss the many advantages and disadvantages of IUL and Whole life as well as what a properly structured policy should look like. Later in the podcast James and I give our two cents on some big names in the IUL and whole life space we believe are sharing misleading information and products.

Guest Bio

James Barber runs the YouTube channel Oregon Cash Flow Pro, focusing on helping people maximize their cash flow with Dynamic Banking, as well as educating people on and designing optimized high cash value policies with maximum liquidity, using whole life and IUL. James’ dedication to transparency, and sincere desire to help others, creates a perfect fit for elevating financial literacy and the benefits of cash value life insurance in a financial plan.

James’ professional background includes business owner, contractor, and real estate agent. His philosophy is to always be learning and improving oneself, and helping others to do the same.

James lives in rural Oregon with his amazing wife, Kristin, and three kids - Cole, Alivia, and Alexia, where they enjoy movies, reading, camping, and riding atv’s.

Guest Link

Chat with James - www.calendly.com/CashFlowPro


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