Episode 364

Life Time Spending With Annuities With Author Harry Stout

In today's BetterWealth episode, I had the pleasure of welcoming back to the show, Harry Stout published author and former senior executive for several of the nation's largest annuity companies. Be sure to check out my first episode with Harry in the show notes below. In this episode Harry shares with us his wealth of knowledge on the subject of Annuities. Annuities are a misunderstood and underused financial tool.  Consumers donโ€™t understand them but should.  Americans in or near retirement are facing an income crisis and are scrambling to generate predictable cash from their accumulated assets.  There are few, if any, places to look to generate lifetime income streams.  Research has shown that consumers overlook annuities because they don't understand the products.  They don't understand how to use these products to create protected lifetime income. In his new book, The FinancialVerse:  Today's Annuities โˆ’ A Tool to Create Protected Lifetime Income, Harry N. Stout takes his over twenty-year experience in the global annuity industry and presents an objective text to educate consumers on the ins and outs of how to use annuity products in income planning and to address longevity risk.  The book provides a clear roadmap on key consumer questions and concerns surrounding annuity products including:

  • What Are Annuities and How Do They Work?
  • The Core Benefits of Annuities
  • Annuity Income Tax Benefits and Negatives
  • Annuity Product Types
  • Why Buy An Annuity?
  • The Major Positives and Negatives to Buying Annuities
  • How Much Income Should I Plan For?
  • Financial Strength Behind the Products
  • Where To Buy and The Buying Process
  • Your Next Steps

The book can be ordered at financialverse.com/annuity and through Amazon and major national book distributors.


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Episode 296: How To Increase Your Personal Financial Literacy with Harry Stout https://youtu.be/B4DzqF-tfSw 

Guest Bio: 

Harry N. Stout is a published author and former senior executive for several of the nation's largest annuity companies.  He is a past director of the National Association for Fixed Annuities (NAFA), the Life Insurance Marketing and Research Association (LIMRA), the Financial Services Council of Australia and the Insurance Marketplace Standards Association. He has over twenty years of practical experience in all aspects of annuity products.  A certified public accountant by training, he has industry experience in the U.S. and abroad.  He is acknowledged as a national annuity thought leader and has written for numerous financial publications and participated in national media of all types.  You can visit www.financialverse.com for more information about Harry and subscribe to his free twice weekly MoneySavers blog at www.financialverse.com/blog.

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Get a copy of Harryโ€™s book: The FinancialVerse:  Today's Annuities โˆ’ A Tool to Create Protected Lifetime Income https://www.financialverse.com/annuity 


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