Episode 296

How To Increase Your Personal Financial Literacy with Harry Stout

In our country there is a huge deficit of financial education!

In today's Better Wealth, I had the privilege of interviewing Harry Stout who has worked over 25 years in the financial services industry all around the world. Harry is also an author of the “Financial Verse Series” which covers topics on money, life savings, annuities, life insurance, and more. Listen as Harry shares his desire for personal finances making it understandable for people of all ages.  Harry discusses with us the importance of financial education as our societies are changing and why people are now realizing how precious money as a resource really is. I ask Harry to explain two most important “Must DO” items from his book 1.) Have A Budget and 2.) Spend To, as well as, two points from his 8 Key Risks being 1.) Longevity Risk and 2.) Mortality Risk. Listen as he shares the reason why these are extremely important to him. I also ask Harry to dive into topics like inflation, adulting, the cost of learning, college tuition, up scaling, striving stage, credit cards, and long term care planning. Harry gives an incredible answer to the legacy question on humility and I am so honored to have had him on our show. Be sure to check out his books! “Financial Verse Series”


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Guest Bio: 

Harry N. Stout is a published author and founder of the FinancialVerse organization.  The FinancialVerse books and content are dedicated to improving America’s personal financial literacy. He is an acknowledged senior thought leader in the global financial services business with over two decades experience in all aspects of financial services.  He has held marketing, sales, product innovation, and distribution roles over his successful career.  He has over 25 years of financial services industry experience in the U.S. and abroad, working in Europe, Northern Asia, Africa, New Zealand and Australia. He is a past director of the National Association for Fixed Annuities, the Financial Services Council of Australia, the Insurance Marketplace Standards Association, and the Life Insurance Marketing and Research Association. He has been a governance fellow of the National Association of Corporate Directors. Harry is a nationally known speaker, podcast guest and author covering annuities, life insurance and personal finance. 

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The Financial Verse

The Financial Verse Book Series

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